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Coat of arms (crest) of the 526th Support Battalion, US Army

Official blazon

Shield: Gules (Brick red), apile Or between in base a fleur-de-lis and a tower of the last, inchief a pair of wings conjoined and elevated of the first.
Crest: From a wreath Or and Gules (brick red) a roundel nebuly per fess Argent and Celeste with a bezant bearing three barrulets Gules all in front of and enclosed within a wreath of laurel Vert.
Motto: Best by performance.


Brick Red and golden yellow are the Colours of the Transportation Corps, the former allocation of the Batttalion. The Fleur-de-lis and Tower symbolises service in Europe during World War II. The v-shaped Pile symbolises reactivation in Vietnam. The Wings indicates the role of special aircraft maintenance. The three barrulets in the Crest symbolises the three Meritorious Unit Commendations awarded to the Battalion. The Red Barrulets on a gold background alludes to the Flag of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) and the three unit decorations awarded by that Country. The nebuly roundel alludes to service in Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne Division. The Laurel Wreath symbolises Excellence.

The Coat of Arms was originally approved for the 5th Transportation Battalion on 14 July 1969. It was redesignated for the 526th Support Battalion on 8 December 1993. The Coat of Arms was amended to add a crest on 10 March 1999.

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