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Region : Nordjylland
Amt (until 2007) : Nordjylland
Additions : 1970 Ellidshøj-Svenstrup, Ferslev-Dall-Volsted, Gunderup-Nøvling, Hasseris, Horsens-Hammer,Nørholm, Nørre Tranders, Nørresundby (1968 Sundby-Hvorup), Romdrup-Klarup, Sønder Tranders, Sønderholm-Frejlev, Vadum, Vor Frue; 2007 Hals (1970 Ulsted, Vester Hassing-Øster Hassing), Nibe (1970 Bislev, Blære-Ejdrup (partly), Farstrup, Lundby, Sebber, Store Ajstrup, Vokslev), Sejlflod (1970 Gudum-Lillevorde, Mou, Storvorde, Sønder Kongerslev-Nørre Kongerslev-Komdrup)

Arms (crest) of Aalborg


The arms were registered in 1938.

The arms are based on the old seal of the city, which is known from 1358, but dates from around 1300. What building is shown is not known, the moon and crescent are maybe symbols for the St. Mary. The waves in the base may be canting.

Since 1999 the city uses a logo based on the arms.

Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1379
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1610
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1566
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1583
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1598
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1598
Seal of Aalborg

Seal from 1650
Arms (crest) of Aalborg

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album, 1933
Arms of Aalborg

The arms on a cover
Arms (crest) of Aalborg

The arms on a road sign (2015)

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