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GERT SIBANDE (until 2004 Eastvaal/Oosvaal)

Province: Mpumalanga

Arms (crest) of Gert Sibande

Official blazon


  • Wapen: In silwer, rond uitgesny van rooi, drie swart naas mekaar aanstotende ruite tussen, in die skildhoof, 'n rooi Barbertonse madeliefie, goud geknop en in die skildvoet 'n swart tandrat; die skild oortop van 'n muurkroon met drie uitkomende torings, alles silwer.
  • Skildhouers: Twee lelkraanvoels van natuurlike kleur.
  • Wapenspreuk: SPECTAMUR AGENDO


  • Arms: Argent, between flanches Gules three lozenges conjoined in fess Sable between, in chief a Barberton daisy Gules seeded Or, and in base a cogwheel Sable; the shield ensigned of a mural crown with three towers issuant, Argent.
  • Supporters: Two wattled cranes proper.


The arms were granted on August 2, 1996.

The three black lozenges refer to the coal mining in the region. The wheel refers to the local industries, the flower is the Barberton daisy, the provinial flower. The supporters are two wattled cranes.

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Literature : Image provided by James Croft