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Born : September 25, 1952 in Cerignola,, Italy
Deceased :

Bishop of Teano-Calvi, 2017-present

Arms of Giacomo Cirulli

Official blazon


Red is the color of love and blood: the intense and absolute love of the Father who sends the Son to sacrifice himself for our salvation. Silver is the symbol of transparency, therefore of Truth and Justice, qualities on which the Bishop's pastoral commitment rests.

The star, the symbol we most frequently find in the Marian iconography, identifies the virginal purity of Our Heavenly Mother. T

The broken bread refers to the Eucharist, a memorial sacrament instituted by Jesus; refers to the bread of fraternal sharing with the poor.

The book symbolizes the Biblee; on it stands a jeweled cross, a glorious symbol of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The achievement is completed with the heraldic insignia of a prelate of the rank of bishop by instruction of the Holy See, of March 1969, confirmed in March 2001.

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