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Province (Landskap): Norrbotten
County (Län): Norrbottens län
Additions : 1969 Karl Gustav, Nedertorneå

Arms (crest) of Haparanda

Official blazon

I fält av silver en från ett grönt treberg mellan två uppväxande gröna aspar under en sol av guld uppskjutande riksgränsstolpe av guld med ett blått klot, belagt med tre kronor av guld och krönt med ett kors av guld, lagd över ett svävande, genomgående, nedtill rakt avskuret blått treberg.


Haparanda, which is situated on the Westside of the Torne river, became a town in 1842, when Finland and those parts of West Bothnia and Lapponia which lies east of the river had become Russian in 1809. The then borough (köping) got its arms in a royal letter in 1828, and the from a heraldic point of view not entirely good composition bears a clear impression of the 19th Century, though a slight adjustment was made in the beginning of the 1970's. The arms were registered in 1977.

The asps and the two mountains which shall give an impression of the Torne river between them, together make the arms canting, as the name is Finnish for "asp beach". The golden sun, which because of its position on the silver field is breaking the tincture rule, is to symbolize the midnight sun. The border mark is of course a sign for the town's situation at the border to Finland.
By the arms adjustment in the 1970's, it was suggested that this mark would be removed from the arms, as it could hurt the feelings of the brother nation on the other side of the border - a removal could on the other hand just as well be interpreted as if Sweden wanted to regain its claim of wanting to reconquer Finland.


The arms as shown by Liljeblad, 1878

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album +/- 1935

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Literature : Nevéus and de Waern, 1992