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Heraldic postcards from Canada

Heraldic postcards from Canada.

Medium series (10-50 cards)

The Canadian album of provincial crests
Booklet with 14 postcards showing the coats of arms of the provinces, the territories and the national arms.
Due to the delicate binding of the booklet I have not been able to scan all images. Only the examples to the right

Small series (<10 cards)

BACT Heraldic Series

A series of postcards issued by BACT Tobacco. The design is very similar to the Jaja postcards and have probably been designed by the same author. As far as I know only (all ?) provincial arms have been issued.

In the Ja-Ja series there is a card from Halifax (Canada), but with the normal Ja-Ja trademark, and thus shown under that series.

Individual cards

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