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Born : March 28, 1929
Deceased : June 22, 2017

Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego, 1967–1971
(Arch) Bishop of Oklahoma City(-Tulsa), 1971-1977
Archbishop of San Francisco, 1977–1995

Arms of John Raphael Quinn

Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego
Arms of John Raphael Quinn

Bishop of Oklahoma City-Tulsa
Arms of John Raphael Quinn

Archbishop of Oklahoma City
Arms of John Raphael Quinn

Archbishop of San Francisco

Official blazon

  • (San Francisco) Impaled arms. Dexter: gules, a Latin cross, overall two forearms in saltire, one in bend naked, representing the arm of our Saviour, the other in bend sinister habited, representing the arm of Saint Francis, all argent and both bearing the stigmata of the field. A chief crenellated of the second (Archdiocese of San Francisco). Sinister: vert a pegasus passant with wings elevated and addorsed argent, in base an Orsini rose. On a chief of the second between two estoiles gules a pale of the field bearing a heart vulned of the fourth and pierced with a sword bendwise sinister of the third (Archbishop Qulnn). Behind the shleld a metropolitan cross doubly transversed, the whole ensigned with a pontifical hat bearing ten tassels on either side vert. Motto: Lumen Gentium Christus.


As common in US episcopal heraldry, the arms show the arms of the diocese impaled with the personal arms of the bishop.

The silver pegasus is taken from some Quinn family from Ireland (not related to the Archbishop though). At the base of the shield is a golden rose found on the arms of the Orsini family, whose Roman house and villa eventually carne to house the North American College, which Archbishop Quinn attended as a seminary student. In the original version of the arms, as used as Auxiliary Bishiop of San Diego San Diego, the Orsini Rose appeared above and to one side of the pegasus; it has been transferred to lts new position to create a better aesthetic balance.

The wounded Heart of Mary, mentioned in Luke 2:35, commemorates the Archbishop's years as rector of lmmaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in San Diego. The heart is seen flanked by two red stars taken from the arms of Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622). This holy bishop of Geneva is patron of the parish in Riverside, California, where the Archbishop was born, baptized, and confirmed, and of the seminary where he was rector at the time of his appointment to the episcopale.

The Archblshop's motto, "Christ is the Light of Nations," is taken from the opening words of the Second Vatican Council's Constitulion on the Church. With this motto Archbishop Quinn affirms his solidarity with the aims and spirit of the Council. Above the shield are a double-barred metropolitan cross and a green clerical hal with tour rows of tassels on either side. These are traditional heraldic symbols tor the office of archbishop.


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