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Born : November 3, 1926
Deceased : January 19, 2018

Auxiliary Bishop of Québec, 1982-1988
Bishop of Baie-Comeau, 1988-1990
Archbishop of Québec, 1990-2002

Arms of Maurice Couture

Official blazon

Tierce en cape, au chef d' or charge d'une salamandre d' or clans sa patience de gueules et accompagne, au 1er, d'azur a une coquille, au 2ieme, de gueules. Aune croix issant de trois epis de ble, au 3ieme, d'azur au chrysantheme, le tout d'or


The chief highlights the place of origin of Mgr Couture, the region of Amiante. The salamander, which lives in the fire without being destroyed, symbolizes asbestos and the Amiante region.

The shell highlights the charitable zeal of the Seminaire de Quebec, at the origin of the coming to Canada of the Religious of St. Vincent de Paul, whose members, including Mgr. Couture, receive their classical and theological training free of charge from the Seminaire de Quebec.

The cross and wheat ears is the main element of the coat of arms of the Religious of St. Vincent de Paul. They recall here that Mgr Couture belongs to this Congregation, of which he was the Superior General at the time of his promotion to the episcopate.

The Chrysanthemum flower is the stylized logo of the Cap-Rouge Community Seminar, of which Mgr Maurice Couture was the founder and rector from 1965 to 1970.

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