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"The New York Naval Militia is the naval militia of New York State and is under the authority of the Governor of New York as Commander-In-Chief of the state's military forces. With the New York Guard, the New York Army National Guard and New York Air National Guard, it is under the control of the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs and New York's Adjutant General. As of June 2017, the New York Naval Militia has over 2,900 members, more than 95% of whom are also members of the U.S. Naval Reserve, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, or U.S. Coast Guard Reserve."

Coat of arms (crest) of the New York Naval Militia

Official blazon


The Ship is the Full Rigger Half Moon, also used as a Crest by the Regiments and Separate Battalions of the New York Army National Guard. The Dolphin Supporters also indicates the naval aspect of the NY Naval Militia. The Eagle and the Motto are for the State Coat of Arms of New York.

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