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Born : May 20, 1940
Deceased :

Auxiliary Bishop of Schwerin, 1981-1994; Titular Bishop of Amaura
Auxiliary Bishop of Hamburg, 1994-2015

Arms of Norbert Werbs

Official blazon


The fish of the upper part of the coat of arms is the ancient symbol of Christ, which also takes up the entire biblical breadth of pericopes around the profession of fisherman and fish stories. The fish alse refers to the birthplace of the bishop, Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea.

The heart stands for man himself, it symbolizes his longings, his joys and sufferings, his vulnerability and tornness. The heart is the place where man experiences communion with God, the communio. Such a community is established by the Eucharist and deeply anchored in the human heart. This heart can open wide and emanate spiritual and spiritual abundance.

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