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Province: Śląsk
County: Mikołów

Arms of Orzesze

Official blazon


The arms were officially adopted on January 24, 1992.

The arms show a golden hazelnut bush on a blue field. It consists of three thick branches symbolizing the three villages, forming today's town: Orzesze, Woszczyce and Gardawice and ten branches symbolizing the smaller villages and hamlets.

The first known arms dates from the first known 19th century seal and showed a woodcutter, standing in front of four deciduous trees, chopping one of them with an ax. This refers to the main occupation of the inhabitants, the manufacture of wood charcoal.

In 1979 completely new arms were designed: a hazel branch on a tri-coloured shield. The colours referred to the colors of Silesia (blue) and Poland (white and red). The black and gold colurs of the branch referred to mining. The advantage of the coat of arms was simplicity. Large defects - color selection incompatible with zadami heraldic; like it was wrong to trichromatic field. The arms were abolished in 1991.

Arms of Orzesze

The arms from 1979-1991

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