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Registration no.: 033/2016

Country of origin : Argentina
Place of origin : Salta
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Arms: Or, six fleurs-de-lys in orle, five gules, that in chief azure. Crest: Upon a torse azure, gules, and Or an ancient crown Or, thereupon a red fox proper crowned and grasping in his dexter paw sword, in his sinister paw a lightning bolt Or. Motto: “Vade Plvs Vltra” (look beyond). Battle cry: “Vincere Avt Mori” (Conquer or Die).

Other language blazon

Spanish: ARMAS: De oro, seis flores de lis en orla, cinco de gules y la del jefe de azur. CIMERA: Un burulete de azur, gules y oro, el burulete sumado de una corona antigua de oro, la corona sumada de un zorro rojo naciente de su color, coronado de oro, agarrando con su garra diestra una espada de oro y con su garra siniestra un rayo de oro. LEMA: "Vade Plvs Vltra" (Ve más allá). GRITO DE GUERRA: "Vincere Avt Mori" (Vencer o morir).


Or (yellow), as the Argentine sun, that being at the top of the national emblem represents a new nation in the shield represents the birth of a new family, so the base of the shield is or (yellow). Fleur de lys azure (blue) represents the patriarch of the family as protector. Fleurs de lys gules (red), representing family members therefore lie below the fleur de lis azure (blue), turn represents charity and love towards the family. The six lilies in border symbolize a circle, the circle communicates easily with what is around the circle in turn represents family unity. The number six represents the work, is the symbol of love, whether it is also a symbol of the family, family togetherness. The fleur de lis represents purity, joy and life force, also honor and loyalty.

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