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[[File:owamboland.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
====Official blazon====
Arms: Azure, standing on seven spear heads Or garnished Vert, conjoined in base by a circlet, seven ivory bows forming a sphere, proper.<br/>
Crest: out of the circlet Or seven palm-leaves proper spreading upwards.<br/>
Motto: TUNGA NOMBILI (Build in Peace)
The arms were officially granted on April 30, 1976 and were abolished on the independence of Namibia in 1990.
Owambo was the first of the 'homelands' in South West Africa founded in 1969. Initially the arms were approved in 1970, but formal approval of the State Herald lasted until 1975. There are seven Owambo tribes, hence the reference to the number seven in
the arms. The spears are said to represent the enforcement of authority and the ivory arcs authority and power as epitomised by the elephant. Palm leaves in turn are said to be symbols of justice and peace.
[[Literature]] : Brownell part V; Brownell, FG: ?: Coats of Arms and Flags in Namibia.
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