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Ackworth School

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Country: [[United Kingdom]]<br>
Campus/location : Ackworth

[[File:Ackworthschool.jpg|center|Coat of arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]]

====Official blazon====
'''Arms:''' Azure, on a chevron argent between three acorns slipped also argent, a chevron sable, thereon as many roses likewise argent, barbed and seeded proper. <br>
'''Crest:''' Issuant from a coronet composed of four roses argent, barbed and seeded proper, set upon a rim Or, a mount vert, thereon a lamb statant, in the mouth a sprig of thyme, leaved and flowered, also proper. <br>
'''Motto:''' Non sibi sed omnibus.

The arms were officially granted on December 15, 1959.




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