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Province : [[Vestfoldog Telemark]](until 2020 [[Vestfold]])<br>Additions : 1988 [[Brunlanes]], [[Hedrum]], Stavern, [[Tjølling]]; 2018 [[Lardal]]
[[File:larvik1larvik2.jpg|center|350 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] ===Official blazon===*(2018) I blått et oppvoksende tre med syv dråpeformede blader hvor av seks er motstående to og to, alt i sølv.* (1989) På blå botn ei sølv mast med tre segl. ===Origin/meaning===The current arms were adopted in 2018. The arms show seven sources of water forming a tree.  The seven drops symbolize forest water flowing out into streams (for example the Lågen and Farris rivers), and further into the river that ends in the fjord. Moving water has formed the basis for ironworks, industry, salmon fishing and clean energy production. They drops also symbolise the safe harbours in the municipality. The drops also symbolize the six former municipalities. The drops finally symbolise clean and fresh water.
====Official blazon====The tree symbolizes the forests, where forestry has been of great importance for growth and business activity. The tree also symbolizes the beech forest, as well as the importance of the forest as a well-being factor andrecreation source.
====Origin/meaning====The previous arms were granted on ??-??-1989.[[File:larvik1.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
The arms how a mast with three sails to represent the maritime traditions of the municipality.
{|align="center"|align="center"|[[File:larvik3.jpg|center]] <br/>The previous arms at the municipal border (image by Jan-Erik Løken)|align="center"|[[File:{{PAGENAME}}7.jpg|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms on a manhole cover |} The oldest arms from 1899 : [[File:larvik.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
These arms are known since 1899 and show an unidentified tree. The tree probably symbolises the beech forest around the town. A (beech) tree has been used by the 18<sup>th</sup> century governor of the area, Jens Kielman, as well as in a seal of a local guild in the early 19<sup>th</sup> century.
|align="center"|[[File:larvikz1.jpg|center]] <br/>The seal of Larvik from 1825
|align="center"|[[File:{{PAGENAME}}.sn.jpg|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms by [[Hugo Gerard Ströhl|Ströhl]] in 1905.
|align="center"|[[File:larvik.hagno.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms in the [[Kaffe Hag Norge|Coffee Hag album]] +/- 1930
{|align="center"|align="center"|[[File:larvik3.jpg|center]] <br/>The arms at the municipal border (image by Jan-Erik Løken)|}
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