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Born : November 8, 1952
Deceased :

Bishop of Gaylord, 2014-2020
Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama, 2020-present

Arms of Steven John Raica

Bishop of Gaylord
Arms of Steven John Raica

Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama

Official blazon


The arms combine the arms of the diocese with the personal arms of the bishop.

The gold of the field is for the ´most noble metal´, symbol of the first virtue: Faith. The evergreen tree comes from the arms of Locana (Italy), the sun from the arms of Busko-Zdrój (Poland), where the families of the bishop's mother and father originate respectively.

The crown is here a symbol of the Martyrdom of Saint-Stephen, the first name of bishop Raica. It is red, the color of love an blood shed by the martyrs for love of God.

The motto SURSUM CORDA (Lam.3:41), is also used in the Eucharisty at the beginning of the Preface before the Canon since at least the year 215.A.D. according to the Hippolytus ¨Apostolic Traditions¨.

The achievement is completed with the heraldic insignia of a prelate of the rank of bishop by instruction of the Holy See, of March 1969, confirmed in March 2001.

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