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Additions : 1974 Andover (Borough), Andover RDC, Romsey (Borough), Romsey RDC, Stockbridge RDC

Arms (crest) of Test Valley

Official blazon

Arms : Vert a Pale cotised all wavy Argent over all a Trout leaping to the dexter proper.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours out of a Mural Crown Gules a Mount Vert thereon between two Stalks of Wheat leaved and issuant in front of a Crosier erect the head to the sinister Or a Lion statant guardant Gules.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Hart Royal Or gorged with a Riband Vert pendent therefrom by a ring Argent a circular Torse Argent and Vert enclosing an Oak Tree throughout and on the sinister side a Hart Royal proper gorged with a like Riband pendent therefrom by a like ring a circular Torse Or and Gules enclosing a Portcullis throughout chained Or.
Motto: 'DEO TESTE VALEAMUS' - With God as our witness, let us be strong.


The arms were officially granted on May 15, 1977.

The shield shows the Test river and its tributaries, as well as a brown trout, a typical fish for the rivers.

The mural crown on the crest is taken from the old arms of Romsey, the lion is taken from the arms of Andover. The crosier is taken from the arms of Romsey and refers to Romsey Abbey and other monasteries in the area. The two stalks of wheat represent the two former district councils. The golden stag is taken from the crest of Andover, with hanging on its neck a small torse with the oak tree from the Andover arms. The other stag is taken from the Romsey arms, with a portcullis from the same arms.

The motto ´Deo Teste Valeamus' means 'With God as our witness, let us be strong'.

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