VFA-14 Tophatters, US Navy

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History: Formed in November 1919 as Pacific Fleet Air Detachment, VT-5 (Torpedo-Bombing Sqn): 15 June 1920-7 September 1921, VP-4-1 (Patrol Sqn): 7-23 September 1921, VF-4 (Fighter Sqn): 23 September 1921-1 July 1922, VF-1: 1 July 1922-1 July 1927, VF-1B: 1 July 1927-1 July 1934, VB-2B (Bombing Sqn): 1 July 1934-1 July 1937, VB-3: 1 July 1937-1 July 1939, VB-4: 1 July 1939-15 March 1941, VS-41 (Scouting Sqn): 15 March 1941-1 March 1943, VB-41: 1 March 1943-4 August 1943, VB-4: 4 August 1943-15 November 1946, VA-1A (Attack Sqn): 15 November 1946-2 August 1948, VA-14: 2 August 1948-15 December 1949, VF-14: 15 Deccember 1949-1 December 2001, and since that Date VFA-14.

Homeport: NAS Lemoore, California.

Coat of arms (crest) of the VFA-14 Tophatters, US Navy

Official blazon


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Literature: Picture from Wikimedia Commons