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Region : Midtjylland
Amt (until 2007) : Ribe
Additions : 1970 Andst, Gesten, Læborg, Malt, Veerst-Bække; 2007 Brørup (1970 Folding, Lindknud), Holsted (1970 Åstrup, Føvling), Rødding (1970 Hjerting, Jels, Lintrup Sogn, Skodborg, Skrave, Sønder Hygum, Øster Lindet)

Arms of Vejen


Vejen has had 4 arms the last century.

The current arms were adopted after the mergers in 2007.

I have no information on the meaning of these arms.

The first arms were officially granted in 1932.

The arms show a troll, based on a statue in the town made by Niels Hansen Jacobsen, a well-known Danish sculptor. The statue was erected in 1922 and in the same year the municipality adopted the troll in silver on a red field.

Arms of Vejen

In 1932 the arms were changed; the troll was placed in the upper half of the shield, in the lower half symbols for agriculture and industry (ears and a wheel) were placed.

Arms of Vejen

These arms were used until 1977, when the arms below were granted. The new division of the shield is based on the division between East- and West Jylland as the municipality is in the middle of Jylland. The horizontal division symbolises the old trading route, which crosses the Highway 1 in Vejen.

Arms of Vejen
Arms of Vejen

The current arms on a road sign
Arms of Vejen

The old arms in the village (2012)

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