Von Friedrich dem Grossen bis Hindenburg

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Von Friedrich dem Grossen bis Hindenburg


Album information :

  • Issued by : Garbaty cigarettes, Berlin, Germany
  • Date of issue : 1933
  • Number of stamps/cards : 255
  • Image variants : none as far as I know


The album was issued as the 13th album of the company and shows the arms of 255 famous Germans from King Friedrich the Great of Prussia (1712-1786) to Chancellor Hindenburg in 1933. It includes politicians, artists, military persons, nobility and scientists. The term 'Famous Germans' is taken rather loosely, including ruling Kings of German descent (f.e. the Kings of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania), as well as Austrians, such as Mozart (204) and Karl Erzherzog von Österreich (91).

The images could be collected in the packages of the cigarettes of the company.

The large album contains 10-12 images of the arms on the right side, and some historical or other notes on the left pages.


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