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Province : Eastern Cape (until 1994, Cape Province). District Council : Port Elizabeth District Council
Incorporated into : 1967 Port Elizabeth

Arms of Walmer

Official blazon

Or, an aloe (Aloe ferox) proper, resting upon a torse.
Motto: Festina lente (Hasten slowly).


The Aloe ferox is a striking example of the indigenous flora in Walmer and in many other parts of the Eastern Cape.

The Walmer Town Council used a coat of arms comprising a shield and motto only, without a crest. However, the device on the shield is clearly a crest, since it stands on a crest-wreath or torse. In the one illustration the torse is gold and red, in the other white (silver) and red. These anomalies are an indication that, despite the admirable simplicity of the design, it can at no time have been registered with any heraldic authority.

It could, however, have been registered with the Department of National Education, which was not fussy about the "badges" it put on its books.

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Literature : Information send by Mike Oettle, photograph by Ivor Markman. Scan courtesy of the Evening Post.