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Blason de Billy-sous-Mangiennes/Arms (crest) of Billy-sous-Mangiennes

Country : France

Département : Meuse
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Official blason

  • (old) D'azur à trois billettes d'argent.
  • (2022) Coupé haussé, bastillé de trois pièces et deux demies, soutenu d'un filet d'or: au 1er d'azur à trois billettes d'argent, posées en barre et rangées en fasce, au 2e d'azur à la grue cendrée d'argent, membrée de sable, au cou et aux ailes tachetées du même, becquée d'or et à la calotte de gueules, volant en bande à dextre, et au haut-fourneau ancien d'argent au trou de coulée de gueules et au panache du même à senestre.

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The new arms were officially adopted on May 16, 2022.

The three billets in chief are taken from the arms of the medieval Lords of Billy and were also used previously by the municipality, see below. They also represent the blocks of stone taken from the local quarries. The crenellated division line symbolizes the old castle stronghold of Moraignes, once held by the provosts of Mangiennes.

The crane is a migratory bird that likes to stop over in the swamps surrounding the village. The furnace represents the iron and steel industry which operated in Haut Fourneau (the furnace was closed in 1875 and the forge in 1901).

The branches symbolise the oak trees in the local forest. The decoration is the War Cross 1914-1918.

The previous arms:

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