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Incorporated into: 1975 Dumbarton District (1996 Argyll and Bute, West Dunbartonshire)

Arms (crest) of Cove and Kilcreggan

Official blazon

Per fess wavy Azure and Argent: in chief a Viking long­ ship Or, sail Argent, flagged Gules; in base a cross­ crosslet fitchee Gules, issuing from a crag Proper.

Below the Shield, ensigned as a Police Burgh of a Burghal coronet Azure masoned Argent, is set in an Escrol this Motto "Quis Separabit".


The arms were granted on November 5, 1957.

Cove and Kilcreggan united to form a Police Burgh in 1865.

Using the blue and silver colours of Scotland, and parted per fess wavy to denote water, the arms show a golden Viking ship in chief to indicate that Cove stands on Loch Long, the Skipa Fjord (Ship Firth or Loch of Ships) of the Hakonar Saga which tells how the Norwegian King Hakon IV in I263, before the Battle of Largs, sent sixty ships up Loch Long to be dragged overland to Loch Lomond to raid the province of Lennox.

The red cross on the rock is for Kilcreggan, "the church on the crag".

The Latin motto "Who shall separate us" was chosen to indicate the close ties between the two parts of the Burgh.

seal of Cove and Kilcreggan

Seal of the burgh as used in the 1890s

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