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Official blazon


The colours white and blue are for the sea. The chevron signifies protection with its "V" shape referring to "Valley", The two stars signify the service of the first USS Valley Forge (CV-45) in the Korean War and in Vietnam as well as two Navy firsts: (1) accomplishing the concept of vertical envelopment (Valley Forge's Helicopters airlifted and returned Marines) in South Vietnam, (2) beeing the first American Carrier to return to Korea for a third deployment during the War. The Gauntlet grasping a Trident denotes Sea Power with the gold colour representing excellence, the the pointing skyward with the points similar in shape to aircraft refers to the mission of the Valley Forge (CV-45) as an Aircraft Carrier; at the same time the three points of the Trident suggests the mighty offensive armament capabilities of Valley Forge (CG-50) and her unparalleled firepower which permits her to take on any Air, Surface, and Sub-surface target which the Battle Group might encounter. The red border is for the courage and patriotism of the continetal Army during the bleak winter at Valley Forge. The Crosses simulates Snow Flakes at this Winter, and also the Sacrifice of the Troops. The Crest shows George Washington, whose leadership during the Hard Times at Valley Forge held the Continental Army together. The Flintlock muskets symbolises the Troops.

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