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Province : British Columbia

Arms (crest) of Armstrong

Official blazon

Arms : Or on a fess bretessed Vert two bars Or between in chief a pomeis charged with a sun in splendour Or and in base a pomeis charged with a cornucopia issuant from its mouth cheeses and celery stalks Or;
Crest : Issuant from a coronet Or charged with a frieze of maple leaves Vert alternating with dogwood flowers Argent seeded Or the upper rim set with lacrosse sticks in saltire Vert a ring necked pheasant Or gorged Vert;


The arms were officially granted on March 31, 1998.

The arms symbolise the historic contribution of the railway to the location and development of our community. The railway acts as a transportation link for agricultural commerce. The sun is indicative of our location in the Okanagan Valley. The warm climate attracting tourism. The cornucopia reflects our agricultural heritage. The cornucopia contains celery which was the predominant crop grown here during the early 1900's. The cornucopia also contains cheese as world award winning cheese is produced here.

The crest combines a mural coronet as a traditional heraldic emblem for municipal government with Maple leaves for Canada and Dogwoods for British Columbia. Above is an upper set with lacrosse sticks in saltire, celebrating the historic popularity of our national sport in our community.

The Ring Necked Pheasant is a regal symbol as a prized hunting fowl transplanted to our community around the turn of the century. The upright positioning of the Ring Necked Pheasant is a powerful symbol of honor, pride and purpose of the citizens to defend the City's interests represented by the City's flag. Literature:

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