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Region : País Vasco
Province : Vizcaya/Bizkaia
Villages/boroughs: Abando, Begoña, Deustu

Escudo de Bilbao/Arms (crest) of Bilbao
Official blazon
Spanish En campo de plata un puente de dos ojos, sumado de la iglesia de San Antón de su color y a su siniestra dos lobos de sable andantes y en palo, sobre ondas de azur y plata.
English blazon wanted


The arms correspond to the traditional arms of the Bilbao City. It represents the Church of San Antón (Saint Anthony) and the old first bridge of Bilbao over the Nervión River (destroyed at the beginning of XX century and replaced by a new one). The two wolfs over the bridge represent the arms of Bilbao's founder, Don Diego López de Haro, who also granted the city rights.. The "López" surname come from latin "lupus" (wolf).

The left image below in an older version of the arms.

The central image below shows the official corporative sign of Bilbao's council in the 1990s, and was used as the official arms image of the city, but is only a mere simplification of the original arms.

The right image below originates from the Bilbao official website, from an article on the official adoption of the arms from 2016. Possibly an illustrative emblazonment used during the adoption process.

Escudo de Bilbao/Arms (crest) of Bilbao

Escudo de Bilbao/Arms (crest) of Bilbao

Coat of arms (crest) of Bilbao

Coat of arms (crest) of Bilbao

The arms in the town (source)

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