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Blason de Blois/Arms (crest) of Blois

Country : France

Département : Loir-et-Cher
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Official blazon
French D'or à l'écusson d'azur chargé d'une fleur de lis du champ, soutenu à dextre par un porc-épic de sable, colleté, armé et allumé de gueules et à senestre par un loup de sable, armé et allumé de gueules.
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The small inescutcheon bearing a fleur-de-lys recalls that Blois was the favorite residence of the kings of France, the fleur-de-lys being the royal symbol.

Thee porcupine is the emblem/badge of King Louis XII; the wolf refers to the (disputed) Celtic origin of the name, namely "bleiz", meaning wolf.

During the centuries the elements have been the same, but either one or two supportes have been used and they have been placed on, or next to, the shield. The only exception in the arms shown by Hozier in 1696, which are really different. Their meaning is not known.

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