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Wappen von Bochum/Arms (crest) of Bochum

Country : Germany

State : Nordrhein-Westfalen

District (Kreis) : Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt)
Additions: (to see click on expand)

  • 1904 Grumme
  • 1904 Hamme
  • 1904 Hofstede
  • 1904 Wiemelhausen
  • 1926 Altenbochum
  • 1926 Bergen
  • 1926 Hordel
  • 1926 Riemke
  • 1926 Weitmar
  • 1929 Gerthe
  • 1929 Harpen
  • 1929 Hiltrop
  • 1929 Laer
  • 1929 Langendreer
  • 1929 Linden-Dahlhausen
  • 1929 Querenburg
  • 1929 Stiepel
  • 1929 Werne
  • 1975 Wattenscheid
    • 1926 Eppendorf
    • 1926 Günnigfeld
    • 1926 Höntrop
    • 1926 Munscheid
    • 1926 Sevinghausen
    • 1926 Westenfeld
    • 1926 Westfälisch Leithe

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The arms of Bochum were granted on April 12, 1913 and again in 1975 after the merger with Wattenscheid. The arms combine the old arms of Bochum with a chequered bar, taken from the arms of Wattenscheid.

The arms of the city of Bochum historically show a canting book (Buch=book), although the name may not be derived from the word Buch. Bochum got city rights in 1321 and the oldest seal probably dates from the same time. The oldest existing seal dates from 1381 and already shows the book. All other seals of the city have shown a book, such as the seal shown below.

The colours from 1913 were historical colours, but are not heraldically correct, as it is not accepted to have a coloured object (here black) on a coloured field (here blue); at least one of these should be of a metal colour (silver, gold). Both the State Archives as the famous heraldic artist Otto Hupp tried to change the colours, but the city finally got the historical arms approved.

The arms were granted in 1913 with a mural crown, which was used until the Second World War.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971; Meijer, 1940; Rühl, 1940; Deutsche Städtewappen (+/-1900); Kaffee Hag albums (1920s)

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