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Civic heraldry of New Caledonia


Blason de Bourail/Arms (crest) of Bourail
Official blazon
French D'azur à la bande d'argent chargée en chef d'un merle des Molluques de sable, en coeur d'une croisette du champ et en pointe d'un croissant de gueules, ladite bande accompagnée en chef d'un rencontre de vache d'or allumée de gueules et en pointe d'une gerbe de blé d'or liée d'argent.
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The arms show a silver bend with three symbols : 1) a yellow-legged blackbird, a species which was imported in 1875 locally from the Molucans to fight locusts in the sugar cane plantations; 2) a blue cross, referring to the local New Zealand cemetery and 3) a crescent, as a symbol for the Arab presence in the municipality.

The bull's head and the wheat-sheaf are symbols for the agricultural character of the municipality.

Beside the shield are two local Kanak wood carvings as a symbol for the Kanak culture.

Blason de Bourail

The arms on a postal stamp

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