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Wappen von Bremerhaven/Arms (crest) of Bremerhaven

Country : Germany

State : Bremen

Also : from 1939-47 Wesermünde

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Bremerhaven was founded in 1827 and became a city in 1851.

Until the merger with Wesermünde, the city used the arms of Bremen or the arms of Bremen with a cross in chief.

In 1939 Bremerhaven merged with Wesermünde to form the new city of Wesermünde. In 1947 Wesermünde was renamed again to Bremerhaven. The arms were granted at the same time and show a ship with three sails with the arms of Lehe (knives), Geestemünde (anchor) and key (Bremerhaven). The knives, anchor and fish were already part of the arms of Wesermünde.

The arms of Wesermünde were granted in 1927.


The arms of Wesermünde

The anchor and fish represent Geestemünde and the shield with the knives symbolises Lehe. The latter were taken from a 16th century seal of Lehe.

The previous arms of Bremerhaven were granted on August 3, 1880.

These arms, shown below, showed the key of the city of Bremen and the cross of the Hanseatic league (compare also Vegesack).

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes; Kaffee Hag Albums 1920s.

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