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Civic heraldry of Brunei

Brunei - Negara Brunei Darussalam

National Arms of Brunei

National symbols

Administrative division

Brunei is divided into four districts (daerah):

  • Belait
  • Brunei and Muara
  • Temburong
  • Tutong

These districts are subdivided into 38 mukims.

None of these actually uses a coat of arms.

National symbol

The national symbol was adopted in 1940.
Th symbol combines the flag, the royal umbrella, the wing, the hands, and a crescent. On the crescent is writing in Arabic script that contain the national motto of: 'Always in service with God's guidance'. Below this is a banner with the name of the nation in Arabic script as Brunei Darussalam or Brunei, land of peace.

The wings symbolize protection of justice and peace. Below these is the crescent that is the symbol of Islam, the national religion of Brunei. The hands symbolize the government's duty to protect the people.