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Region: Piemonte
Province : Torino

Stemma di Chivasso
Official blazon

Troncato: nel primo, di rosso alla chiave di argento, in palo, con gl’ingegni in alto, volti a destra; nel secondo, d’argento alla chiave di rosso pure in palo, con gli ingegni in alto rivolti a sinistra.

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The arms were officially granted on January 28, 1928.

The old name of this city was 'Burgi Clavassi' which is supposed to have been derivde from the latine "claves" (keys), probably referring at the geographical position of the city at the beginning of some alpine valleys. The keys are thus used as a canting element. At the same time the keys represent St. Peter, the patron saint of the city. According to local tradition, two keys preserved in his church were placed on the sick (especially to those suffering from rabies) to enhance recovery.
The red and silver colours are those of the Aleramic family, marquis of Monferrato and Lords of Chivasso from 1164 to 1305.
The Latin motto "UNIO FORTIS" ("strength in union") refers to the dedication of the community for the defence of the city.
Chivasso suffered many sieges, and for this reason it was offered, by the Dukes of Savoye, two branches of palm, symbol of martyrs and of the cities which suffered sieges.

In 1690 Chivasso was elevated to the rank of town and seat of the earl of Castelrosso, and for this reason the shield was decorated with an earl's crown. At the same time the old arms were abandoned; these showed a crane with a pebble in the right paw, symbol of surveillance.

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