EML Admiral Cowan (M313), Estonian Navy

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History: Formerly HMS Sandown Minehunter to Estonia in 2007.

Coat of arms (crest) of the EML Admiral Cowan (M313), Estonian Navy

Official blazon

Hõbedasel punaste äärisega kilbil on punane kaldrist ja punane liilia. Kilp on asetatud sinisele ringile mida ümbritseb kuldne laevaköis. Ringi kroonib Neptuni kuldne kolmikhark.
Ringil on kuldsete täthedega laeva nimi ADMIRAL COWAN ning laeva vapikiri AD OMNIA PARATUS - valmis kõigeks.


Named for brittish Admiral Sir Walter Cowan (1871-1956) who commanded the 1st Cruiser Squadron in the Baltic 1919 whose task was to protect the sealanes to the new States of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. His forces took the mission agressively and attacked the Soviet Russian Fleet at Kronstadt Naval Base and sunk a Battleship and a Cruiser of the Soviet Russian Navy. The Ships badge is based on the Coat of Arms of the Admiral, who was given a Baronetcy in the 1921 New Years Honours. The Motto translates as "Ready for Everything". The badge was created by Mr Priit Herodes in 2006


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