EML Admiral Pitka (A230), Estonian Navy

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History: Formerly Beskytteren of the Danish Navy, to Estonia in 2000 and was Flag Ship of the Estonian Navy until deommissioning 13 June 2013.

Coat of arms (crest) of the EML Admiral Pitka (A230), Estonian Navy

Official blazon

Punasel kilbil hõbedane tugirist, millel on must ankur ning sellel väike riigivapp. Kilp on asetatud sinisele ringile, mida ümbritseb kuldne laevaköis. Ringi kroonib Neptuni kuldne
kolmikhark. ringil on kuldsete tähtedega laeva nimi ADMIRAL PITKA ning laeva vapikiri PRO PATRIA - isamaa eest.


Named for Rear Admiral Johan Pitka, hero of the Estonian War of Independence and organiser and first Commander of the Estonian Navy 1918-1920. Awarded Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George in 1920 upon recomendation of Admiral Walter Cowan, see Ship ADmrial Cowan for more information on him. Pitka emigrated to Canada but returned to Estonia in 1932 and upon the Soviet take over was forced to flee to Finland in 1941, Pitka returned to organise resistance to the returning soviet Forces in 1944 and tought to have been killed in battle the same year. The badge show the Shield of Estonia with an anchor honouring Pitkas role in creating the Estonian Navy. On the Shield is also the Estonian Cross of Liberty for Pitkas role during the Independence War. The badge was designed by Estonian Heraldist Priit Herodes and Captain-Lieutenant Jaan Kapp in 2000.

Literature: Image from Wikipedia. Meaning from Eesti Mereväe Sümboolika Kataloog - The symbols and insignia of the Estonian Navy 1993-2011.

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