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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis (until 1973 Donaueschingen)
Incorporated into: 1975 Blumberg

Wappen von Fützen/Arms (crest) of Fützen
Official blazon
German In Gold auf grünem Boden stehend der golden nimbierte hl. Vitus in blauem Mantel und rotem Untergewand, in der Rechten einen grünen Palmzweig, in der Linken einen goldenen Reichsapfel haltend.
English blazon wanted


The arms were proposed by the State Archives in 1895 and probably adopted in the same year. The arms appear on the new seal from 1896 from the municipality.

St. Vitus is the patron saint of the village and also appeared on an older mid 19th century seal.


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