Fischbach (Kaiserslautern)

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State : Rheinland-Pfalz
District (Kreis) : Kaiserslautern
Verbandsgemeinde : Verbandsgemeinde Hochspeyer

Wappen von Fischbach (Kaiserslautern)/Arms (crest) of Fischbach (Kaiserslautern)
Official blazon
German In Silber ein goldener Krummstab, überdeckt von einem roten Wellenbalken, darin ein silberner Fisch, begleitet oben von zwei, unten von einer roten Kugel, deren letztere den unteren Teil des Stabes überdeckt.
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The arms were officially granted on February 17, 1960.

The wavy red bar and the fish are canting, the name means fish-brook. The crosier refers to the chapel and small settlement erected in 1471 by the Augustine Convent from Lippe in Westfalen. This was the origin of the village. The convent was abolished in 1564.

The red balls and red (wavy) bar are taken from the arms of the Counts Kolb von Wartenberg, to whom the village belonged in the 18th century. They built a small hunting lodge in the area in 1777, which was destroyed in the 1790s. Their arms are shown below (from the Wappen-Sammlung Series 3 Nobility 1-1000).

Arms of the Counts of Wartenberg

Literature: Debus, 1988

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