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Wappen von Frontenhausen/Arms (crest) of Frontenhausen

Country : Germany

State : Bayern

District (Kreis) : Dingolfing-Landau
(until 1973 Vilsbiburg)


  • 1978 Rampoldstetten
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Official blazon
German In Blau ein silbernes Haus in perspektivischer Seitenansicht mit rotem Dach, darauf goldene Kugeln.
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The arms are most likely canting; Haus meaning house. The house already appears in the seal of the town in the early 15th century. The second seal shows the same image and the word civitas (city), but Frontenhausen never was granted city rights, only town (Markt) rights. Except for a single image from 1568, in which a tower is placed behind the house, the arms have never changed since. The only changes were on the house, which was sometimes shown with balls, sometimes with crosses on the roof. The colours are known since 1565.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes

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