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Province: Pomorze Zachodnie
County: Gryfice

Arms (crest) of Gryfice
Official blazon
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The arms show the canting griffin (Greif in German) of Pommerania, as the city is part of Pommerania.

The oldest 14th century seals already show a griffin, or a fleur de lis. But already from a later, but still 14th century seal the symbols are combined. On some seals the griffin stands in or above a river, the Rega. The main arms thus never changed since.
In the late 18th or early 19th century the arms were augmented with two savages as supporters and on top of the shield a helmet, with as a crest a fleur-de-lis between two banners. In the end of the last century these additions were no longer in use.

In 1963 the arms were shown on a blue field, just as the arms of Szczecin, the capital of the province and of Pommerania. A hand-written footnote in my sourcebook hover mentions that this is a mistake and that the field should be silver as in the old arms.

Seal of Gryfice

Seal from around 1900
Arms (crest) of Gryfice

The arms in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Arms (crest) of Gryfice

The arms as shown in 1963

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