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MEISSEN (MEI) from 1994-1997 Meissen-Radebeul

State : Sachsen
Additions: 1994 Dresden (partly), Freital (partly); 2008 Riesa-Grossenhain

Wappen von Meissen (kreis)/Arms (crest) of Meissen (kreis)
Official blazon
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The arms were granted on March 19, 2009.

The arms show the lion of the historical County of Miessen in a red bordure. The bordure indicates that the present district forms the centre of the former county.

Before 2008 the district used the arms below that were officially granted on November 16, 1992 and again on February 20, 1997.

Wappen von Meissen (kreis)/Arms (crest) of Meissen (kreis)

The arms show the historical arms of the County of Meissen with a amall black bordure, to distinguish the arms from those of the cities of Ortrand, Pausa and Ranis

Wappen von Meissen (kreis)/Coat of arms (crest) of Meissen (kreis)

Postal cancellation 1999

In 1948 the old DDR district of Meissen adopted the arms below. The arms show two crossed swords, symbol for the title of Archmarshall of the Empire, used by the Dukes of Sachsen. The left half shows the arms of Sachsen. The Dukes used the swords in black, but in the arms they are shown in green, which resembled the logo of the famous Meissen chinaware.
The arms were abolished in 1952.

Wappen von Meissen (kreis)/Coat of arms (crest) of Meissen (kreis)

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