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The arms were granted on October 18, 1984.

The arms are a combination of the elements of the arms of the former estates or owners of the different villages in the municipality.

The largest part of the municipality historically formed the court of Herborn (Herberen). The arms of the court itself were three golden and three blue bends. The principal judges were of the Larochette family and its branches. The arms of this family was a red anchor-cross either in gold or in silver. These symbols are combined in the first and fourth quarter.

The villages Born and Boursdorf belonged to the Echternach Abbey. However, a local family, De Born existed in medieval times. Their seal showed three anchor-crosses.

The village of Moersdorf was in the 18th century a possession of the Soleuvre family, who used a black lion in a silver field. This lion is shown in the first and fourth quarter. The court of Moersdorf used in the 15th century a seal with a quartered shield, with the lion in the first and fourth quarter. The quartering of the present arms is based on the arms on the seal.

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