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Département : New Caledonia

Blason de Le Mont-Dore/Arms (crest) of Le Mont-Dore
Official blazon
French Coupé: au 1er d'azur au mont d'or cantonné des étoiles de la Croix du sud du même, posé sur une mer fascée ondée d'azur et d'argent de quatre pièces; au 2e parti au I de sable au wagonnet de mine d'or et au II:de gueules à la hache ostensoir d'or.
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The arms were officially adopted on December 11, 1984.

The upper part of the shield represents Mont Dore posed on the blue of the Pacific Ocean. The constellation of the southern cross recalls the town is located in the extreme south of the Territory.

The mine cart refers to the exploitation of the Territory's first nickel mine around 1873, at the "Mont d'Or".

The last quarter represents a monstrance, the upper part of which is made of jade from Ile Ouen (municipality of Mont Dore).

The porpoise and swordfish symbolize the activities of the sea, such as big game fishing and tourism.

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