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Wapen van Overijse/Arms (crest) of Overijse

Country : Belgium

Province :

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Official blazon
  • (1818) Van lazuur beladen met een dwarsbalk, verzeld van boven van drie lelien en van onder van een klimmende leeuw, alles van goud, het schild rustende tegen de Heilige Maarten.
  • (1840) Een blaeuw veld, met het gulden beeld van St. Martyn, beneden een blaeuw schildeken met eenen gulden band, vergezeld op het opperste veld, van dry lelie-bloemen op hare orde gesteld, en, op het onderste veld, van eenen gulden leeuw.
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The arms were granted on September 15, 1818 and changed on January 30, 1840.

The oldest seal of the council of IJsse dates from the 14th century and shows a bishop, sun and crescent. The bishop is likely St. Martin, the patron saint of the village. In later seals the patron saint was shown as a knight cutting his cloak for the beggar. Below the saint was a small shield with a bend and in the chief three fleur-de-lis and in the base a lion. The fleur-de-lis are derived from the family Beers, Lords of IJsse, who descended from the Lords of Aarschot. The arms of Aarschot show a single fleur-de-lis. The lion is the lion of Brabant, to which the area belonged.

In the present arms the bend is replaced by a bar, but otherwise the composition has not changed. The colours are the colours of the Netherlands. As the council did not mention the colours of the arms in the early 19th century, the Dutch College of arms granted all arms in gold and blue. After the independence of Belgium in 1830 the arms were changed in a way that the whole composition was placed in a shield, but the colours were not changed.

The historical colours were a blue shield with a golden saint, and a small red shield with a silver bend. Both the fleur-de-lis and the lion were silver.

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Literature: Servais, 1955; information provided by the Overijse council.

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