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alt=Blason de Saint-Huber/Arms (crest) of Saint-Hubert
The arms from 1819
alt=Blason de Saint-Huber/Arms (crest) of Saint-Hubert
The arms from 2000

Country : Belgium

Province :


  • 1977 Arville
  • 1977 Awenne
  • 1977 Hatrival
  • 1977 Mirwart
  • 1977 Vesqueville

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Official blazon
Dutch (1819) Van lazuur beladen met St Hubert van goud, het schild gedekt met een gouden kroon.
French (2000) D'azur au rencontre de cerf crucifére soutenu d'un cor enguiché, le tout d'or.
English blazon wanted


The arms were granted on December 21, 1819 and renewed on August 24, 2000.

The old arms show St. Hubert, the local patron saint, with his symbol, a stag with a across between its antlers. The saint was already used on the oldest known seal of the council, dating from May 26, 1578.

In 2000 the arms were simplified by removing the saint and only showing a deer's head and horn.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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