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Region : Emilia-Romagna
Province : Reggio Emilia

Stemma di Scandiano/Arms (crest) of Scandiano
Official blazon
Italian D'azzurro, alla banda abbassata e centrata d'oro con il bordo superiore scalinato di 15 tratti, il primo a destra orizzontale.
English blazon wanted


The arms of Scandiano shows a stairs, with the Latin motto "Proxima coelo, nunquam infidelis" that means: "I am near the sky, and never unfaithful". It seems that the name Scandiano derives from the ancient habit of the inhabitants of the town to climb (scandere in Latin) a hill with a temple of the Latin god Iano. Hence the stairs are considered a canting element.

Stemma di Scandiano

The arms in Stemmi delle principali città d'Italia. Milano (pre 1940)
Coat of arms (crest) of Scandiano

Postal cancellation 2013

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