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Province : Vlaams-Brabant
Additions : 1977 Oudenaken, Ruisbroek, Sint-Laureins-Berchem, Vlezenbeek

Wapen van Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Coat of arms (crest) of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Official blazon

  • (1819) no official blazon mentioned
  • (1978) Een klimmende leeuw van keel in een veld van zilver met vóór hem, een sleutel van sinopel voorzien van vijf tanden in het sleutelblad, de baard naar rechts gericht.


The arms were granted on September 15, 1819 and again on May 23, 1978.

The lion in the arms is a canting element (Leeuw), as the estate originally was simply called Leeuw. The patron saint of the town is St. Peter, hence the later name of Sint Pieters Leeuw. The oldest known seal of the council is known since 1436, but is probably much older, shows a lion holding a key, the symbol of St. peter. A later seal, known from 1570 shows the same composition. In 1814 the local council applied for the use of its historical arms, but for some unknown reason the key was omitted. Why the colours were chosen is also not known.

After the mergers in 1977, the municipality applied for the old arms, but now correctly with the key.


The arms from 1819
Wapen van/Blason de Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

The arms on a police badge (source)

Literature: Servais, 1955

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