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Province (Landskap): Värmland
County (Län): Värmlands län
Additions : 1952 Högerud, Värmskog
Incorporated into : 1971 Arvika, Grums

Coat of arms (crest) of Stavnäs
Official blazon

I fält av silver två korslagda, med blå doppskor försedda, röda pilgrimsstavar, åtföljda i övre vinkeln av ett blått kryckkors och i nedre vinkeln av ett blått ankare|-

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The arms were officially granted on May 8, 1959.

The two pilgrim's staffs (stavar) are a canting element. During medieval times a pilgrim's road passed through the parish into Norway. According to legend the local church was founded on the place were the pilgrims rested.

The cross is taken from the old arms of Värmskog, see there. The anchor is a symbol for Högerud, as the former parish was between the Glavsfjorden and Värmeln lakes.

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