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Armoiries de Troisvierges
Official blazon
French D'or à la montagne à trois coupeaux, celui du milieu plus élevé, de sable, chargée d'une roue motrice de locomotive posée sur un rail, le tout d'argent, ladite montagne sommée d'une croix patriarcale de gueules ornée de sept besants d'argent; au chef de gueules chargé de trois vierges d'argent, rangées en fasce.
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The arms were granted on November 3, 1982.

The main division of the shield is derived from the arms of the Estate of Clervaux, to which the village belonged for a long time. The original arms showed in the red chief three small birds. In the arms of Troisvierges the chief was enlarged and the birds were replaced by three virgins as a canting element (Troisvierges means three virgins). The three virgins represent officially Hope, Virtue and Charity.

The mountain in the lower part of the shield represents the Oesling region, the highest in Luxembourg.
On the hill is placed a railway and a wheel, symbolising the importance of the railroad for the development of the village.
The cross is derived from the oldest known document in which the village is named, a document by Pope Cornelius. The cross is a papal symbol.

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