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Coat of arms (crest) of Walrus Foundation

Official blazon

Arms : Per fess Gules and Argent, in chief a walrus’s head affronty Or armed Argent, in base two bars dancetty Sable
Crest : A mullet of four points gyronny Argent and Sable before two trumpets in saltire Or
Supporters : Two walruses guardant Or winged Sable armed Argent standing on bed of maple leaves Gules


The arms were officially granted on June 15, 2017

The walrus head and the pattern forming the letter “W” allude to the foundation’s name. The pattern, symbolic of radio waves, also indicates electronic communications, part of the foundation’s mandate. Black and white are the colours of print, and thus refer to The Walrus magazine.

The star represents the North Star and thus the Canadian north, with which the foundation takes a particular interest. The trumpets refer to the idea of proclaiming and communication.

The walruses further the reference to the name of the foundation. The addition of the wings alludes to creativity conveying the concept of ideas taking flight; their black feathers refer to the status of the raven as a creator figure in First Nations cultures. The maple leaves allude to the Canada-wide mandate of the foundation.

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