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Wappen von Werdau/Arms (crest) of Werdau

Country : Germany

State : Sachsen

District (Kreis) : Zwickau

(until 2008 Zwickauer Land)


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Official blazon
German In Silber unter einem Rundbogen auf einer gefugten roten Ziegelmauer ein Bischof mit Krummstab in der Rechten, zu seinen Füßen eine springende Hirschkuh mit einem Pfeil in der Brust.
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The oldest seal of the city dates from 1403 and shows the local patron saint, St. Aegidius. In 1480 the roe appeared in the base of the shield. Since 1583 the saint and the roe are placed in a church gate. The arms have not changed since. On the meaning of the roe exists a local legend;
Once a bishop was hunting in the area around the Pleisse river. Somehow he got lost and finally fell asleep under a tree. In his sleep he dreamt about a roe following him. Suddenly he woke up from a sound in the woods and cried Wer Da ? (who is there ?), from which the name Werdau is derived. In front of him stood a roe with an arrow in its throat. He saw this as a divine symbol and founded the city.

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Literature: Bensing et al., 1984; legend from Sebastian Fischer

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