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Incorporated into : 2006 Kiischpelt

Armoiries de Wilwerwiltz

Official blazon


The arms were granted on July 26, 1984.

Historically the area belonged to the Estate of Wiltz. The basic design of the arms are thus based on the arms of Wiltz, in gold a red chief. The other elements are derived from arms of families that either owned parts of the area or played a role in the local history. Due to the heraldic rule of tincture, some of the colours had to be changed. Similarly the arms of Wiltz were changed in red with a golden chief.

The cross in the main filed is derived from the arms of This de Wilwerwiltz, as shown on his seal dating from 1396. The lion is derived from the arms of the Enschringen family, who used a black lion on a shield barry of gold and red of 10 bars. Finally, the stars are derived from the arms of the Bochkoltz family, who used four silver stars on a blue field.

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